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Acoustic Drums VS Digital Drums

real vs electronic drums

real vs electronic drums 150x150 Acoustic Drums VS Digital DrumsHaving acoustic drums is a tough thing.

You need to spend too much money for them and their mics and you also need space. That’s where VSTi (Virtual Studio Technology Instrument) comes in handy! I wish I had the chance (and money) to record real drums, but you can have great results with VSTi drums too (or even better than acoustic drums and I’ll explain why).

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A “tiny” kick drum tip

a tiny kick drum tip
a tiny kick drum tip 150x150 A tiny kick drum tip 

In this topic I won’t talk about EQ or any other technical stuff.
I’ll tell you something that you should keep in mind. It will be something like a… “sense” tip.

Many of us love the kick drum to be bit dominant to the mix. Cause we love our kick drum right?! We are trying to create a thick, “to your face” kick drum sound with EQ, compressors etc.

So our tweaks are ready and we bring our kick in the mix. Now it’s the most important part. Our big mistake is that: Read more »

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Parallel Compression


Parallel Compression 150x150 Parallel CompressionParallel Compression is mostly used on drums. It can make them sound fat, full, tight and with some extreme settings can change their sound to something unusual, but interesting.



  • The general idea is to make a copy of your drums in one track (group) and compressing this track the hell out of it. Then this compressed track-group plays along with the original drums.

Thus the name: Parallel Compression

Usually the copy is some db lower than the original.

First, let’s see how to set parallel compression in your daw so you’ll understand how it works and get the general idea and then I’ll tell you how I use it so you can try it out and see what works best for you.


Let’s start: Read more »

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