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M-Audio Firewire Solo not installing correctly

first steps

first steps 150x150 M Audio Firewire Solo not installing correctlyMany users experience some problems with the m audio FireWire drivers. The common problem is that the sound card seems to accept electricity (lights are on) but the computer cannot recognize it. So you enter a loop where it asks you to turn off your pc, re-connect the sound card, turn on the pc.

In this article i’ll show you what I did and finally managed to make it work after trying almost EVERYTHING i found on the internet.

Firstly i ll give you the most well-known solution given by the m audio support.  This worked for many people, but not for me 100%. I had to do something more  in order to make it work, which i ll explain right after this.


  1. Right click at Computer.  Click Manage. 
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