How to write better lyrics

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Many artists, producer and song writers struggle with lyrics, I am pretty sure you read this article to find out how to be a better lyrics writer so I am going to share a couple of tips with you that you may never have thought about. You have to understand that to write better lyrics you have to expand your vocabulary.


If you have lots of words in your head when you are looking for a word to complete the phrase then a completely different word – but with the exact same meaning – will jump out of your mind and do the job!


Most people get their vocabulary from family and friends, but also from television, movies and radio. Getting words from your family and friends is not a bad thing. But getting your words ONLY from the people and things mentioned above is definitely a bad thing, because you limit your vocabulary. A limited vocabulary means limited words and you will stuck up with the same or no ideas, thus you will never be a good lyric writer.



Tip1) Read the lyrics of your favourite songs.


Google the lyrics of your favourite songs. Read the lyrics without listening to the song and then read the lyrics again with the music. When you read the lyrics without the music you transform the song into a poem. It helps you write your own songs. Why? Because when you read the lyrics of a song with no music it’s at the exact same stage that your song is. With no music just plain words. That makes you feel that your lyrics don’t suck and of course helps you learn new words.



Tip1) Find out the writers of your songs.


I am sure that there are some lyrics that you really love them. Find out who the author is and then make a search at google and find more songs written by him. You won’t believe how fast your lyric skills will improve. Make sure you choose an author with many different and useful words.


I remember myself listening to an album and having the lyrics in front me. It really helped me to improve my lyric writing. One of my favourite authors is Randy Blythe the singer of Lamb of God band. He used so many different words and put a special “atmhosphere” to his lyrics.


Also, read books, magazines, newpaper articles, internet blogs and anything you may find that is full of rich vocabulary. And when you find a word that you don’t fully understand make sure to google it. Don’t say to yourself “i am bored to do this now I’ll check it later” cause you will never do it, trust me.


The most important thing is: Keep writing. Exercice. And by repeating the steps mentioned above your writing will definitely keep being better and better.

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